Trending at B&M: New Home Decor to Get Your House Cosy for Autumn (2024)

Trending at B&M: New Home Decor to Get Your House Cosy for Autumn (1)

The later months of the year provide so many aesthetic opportunities. Chunky knits, rich autumnal colours and stylish layering are all the rage in the fashion world - but you can also bring a seasonal glow to your interior design!

If you’re looking for autumnal home decor ideas that don’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, the team at B&M will explain how our affordable accessories, cheap homeware and elegant touches can completely transform your home into a cosy haven for less.

Soft Lighting

When you think of the cosy homes you’ve visited, there may have been an element in effect that you couldn’t quite put your finger on that really gave the place that warm, homely vibe. Could it have been the lighting?

This super-affordable change will instantly transform your spaces. Soft, warm-coloured lights give a gentle, slumberous vibe as it gets darker outside - so why not choose options that achieve this?

There are many cheap home accessories under the lighting umbrella that will enhance the cosy atmosphere. For example, fairy lights will turn your rooms into perfect hibernation spaces. Why not turn the main lights off and enjoy the gentle, romantic twinkle?

You can also choose practical, attractive and cheap home accessories that stand alone - such as stylish lamps - or go bold and add fun features with a little sparkle. We love creating a fairytale feel with this sweet light up heart sign and this elegant rose tree.

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Warm Bedding

When coming up with cosy bedroom ideas to give your duvet days that extra snuggle factor, don’t forget the effect that the duvet itself can have!

Hygge is a hugely popular trend, and this look can be easily achieved by seeking out cheap bedding with natural, soft textures and colours.

Why not recreate a Scandi ski-lodge with a luxurious grey faux fur duvet set? Otherwise, for something cute and fun that takes advantage of the darker nights, this soft fleece bedding with glowing stars is perfect. These materials will add a much-needed touch of warmth too.

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Remember, layering isn’t just a cold-weather clothing trend - you can adapt the look of your sleeping space by adding autumnal throws, pillows and cushions.

The colours you choose are important - reds, oranges, pinks and golds will reflect the changing leaves outside or the heartwarming feel of a crackling fire, while soft natural hues like greys, browns and creams are more subtle but still seasonal.

Layering Cushions and Throws

The addition of a few extra soft furnishings shouldn’t be limited to the bedroom - cushions and throws can make for great autumn decorations across the whole house.

Any room can feel cosier when you implement home decor ideas that feature fabrics - and faux fur or knitted options are particularly effective. Drape these materials over sofas or chairs for extra comfort and warmth, and deftly scatter cushions for further effect, mixing and matching colours, textures and sizes.

Warm or natural colours work well here too.

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Scented Candles

Imagine cosy homes, and you’ll undoubtedly think of the soft crackle of firelight. Candles make for wonderfully effective cheap home decor options, adding that much-loved warm glow, but their impact will be even greater if you select scented ones.

Comfort can be achieved through all senses, so choose seasonal scents to provide a subtle but effective atmosphere. There are typical fragrances like mulled wine or gingerbread, something more abstract - like white woods or golden amber, or scents to reflect a fun seasonal party vibe, like golden mimosa.

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Affordable and versatile, even the tiniest of tealights can be very effective - plus, you can choose candle holders that double as ornaments to reflect your autumnal decor, or lanterns for a touch of tradition.

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Autumnal Accessories

Shapes taken from nature will also enhance the feel of a space and mirror the changing world outside - from leaf-shaped ornaments to lush house plants.

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Fur effects, wood and other natural materials are great additions to your seasonal home decor ideas - as are autumnal colours. Warm metallics like gold, copper and bronze will reflect candle light for extra romance.

Being smart with your use of space, light and fragrance can mean that the autumnal home decor you choose will be extra effective and you won’t need to go overboard with your designs.

Select cheap homeware of high quality, with a focus on texture and colour to help your home transition into the later months without overspending.

For everything from cheap bedding and soft furnishings to delightful ornaments, beautiful lighting options and seasonal fragrances,browse ourrange.

B&M Top Tip: Our Woodland Retreat homeware selection is rich with autumnal colour and soft natural materials and textures - perfect for creating a warm, cosy feel this season.

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Trending at B&M: New Home Decor to Get Your House Cosy for Autumn (2024)
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